Who are we

The Malaysia Aviation Group ("MAG") Procurement Team was formed on 1 September 2015 following an organization restructuring plan which is aimed to change every facet of Malaysia Airlines in terms of structural, financial, operational, procedural and cultural aspects. As a relatively new organisation that is undergoing restructuring, the task at hand is to build a centralised procurement team to support MAG ("the Group"), one which can play an integral role in Malaysia Airlines' leadership journey, and to make a significant difference to the bottom line as a high performance procurement organization.

We have started formulating a transformation roadmap for our procurement processes, aggregating and leveraging volume and spend across the Group, building and developing supplier relationships to gain greater control, visibility and responsiveness to ensure high compliance by our internal stakeholders and our external communities, our suppliers, our partners. In order to perform with agility and speed required of the aviation industry, we strive to support every business unit as they rethink the end-to-end procuring process (not just the procurement process) from demand management with strong technology play to how to manage business requirements more efficiently and effectively, and to spend smarter in order to drive higher value to the bottom line.

Therefore, the renewed role of the centralised Group Procurement organization is to achieve the best overall value for MAG when acquiring or contracting for products and/or services (termed as "Categories"). We are responsible to procure a wide range of Categories which are used internally, and by our customers. We support the needs of every part of MAG, namely, the airline companies, its sister companies, and stations, both domestic and international, in a centralised and integrated manner. This organization is guided by its core values, principles and practices to ensure that the best Categories are provided to MAG. That is why there is a renewed culture at the Group Procurement Department which is housed under the Finance Division - the #ProcurementIsAwesome culture. It is an attitude which exudes an aura of positive energy, vibrancy and high enthusiasm, which is personified in the #ProcurementIsAwesome brand, as we align ourselves with business units closely. The call to create and manage value is more intense as we relentless search for sources of value (savings and innovation) to deliver on positive results and impact for the business in this incredible journey.