Supplier Registration And RFP/Tender Fee (Effective 15 January 2020)
  1. Effective 15 January 2020 all eligible suppliers who are interested to participate in our Tender/RFP are required to pay non-refundable fees.
  2. The types of non-refundable fees that are imposed:
    1. Supplier Registration Fee
      1. All new suppliers must adhere/comply with.
      2. All existing suppliers must also adhere/comply with.
    2. RFP/Tender Fee
      1. Any participation for a new RFP/Tender exercise from 15 January 2020 onwards,
      2. Renewal of contract from 15 January 2020 onwards.
  3. All suppliers are subjected to Company/Individual review to ensure the suppliers are not at risk for Malaysia Airlines to engage with.
  4. Please refer below for the related fees and the amount:

  5. Important : Malaysia Airlines reserves the right to invite/allow only the eligible suppliers to participate in the RFP/Tender.
  6. Please refer to the guide for the fees implementation details via the following link.
  7. Please click Tender/Quotation to view RFP/Tender Notices available for participation.

Supplier Registration

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Sourcing Event Guidelines

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