Japan Airlines And Malaysia Airlines Knowledge Sharing Session

Tuesday, 23rd May 2017

Immediately after the Partners Forum on 23rd May, Group Procurement was in for another afternoon of excitement as we greeted our guests from Japan Airlines for a much-awaited sharing session, the Meet-And-Greet with the team. The meet and greet session started with a rousing kompang welcome for our guests, Hardeep Saran, Procurement Talent Manager and Umegane Yosuke, Senior Director, Strategic Planning Group, Procurement. Our beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen in traditional wear lined the entrance of our office to welcome and usher the special guests. What a treat!

Jacklyn did us proud by greeting the guests in flawless Japanese! Thereafter, introduction of both teams were held; with many in our team making commendable attempts to greet or speak a few words of Japanese. To refresh ourselves with a bit of fun, both teams performed the slide cha-cha, with hilarious outcome! Our resident entertainer, Jay, then led the way with a beautiful rendition of a popular Japanese song, Subaru, to which everyone joined in. The fun-packed day ended with... what else... a delicious spread of Malaysian high tea! It took a while before the MAB team could wrap up their conversation with the JAL team- so much to discuss, so little time! We look forward to meeting our counterparts again in the very near future!

And that was just Day 1 of the JAL-Malaysia Airlines Knowledge Sharing agenda in JAL's 2 days with us. Day 2 was focused on both companies exchanging notes on our respective procurement transformation journeys, and for JAL to share their learnings and experience in cost optimization efforts, their award-winning OTP practices, and their customer service insights with our CEO, invited internal stakeholders, and our Group Procurement team.

How this all started...

JAL approached us with the knowledge sharing idea as they are interested to hear about our work on building the #ProcurementIsAwesome team culture after we were named Winner of the Procurement Team category in the 2016 Procurement Leaders Asia Awards last November. Incidentally, a Malaysia Airline talent case study on our Group Procurement team has since been published in the e-book of Procurement Leaders (the industry folks) in their official website (www.procurementleaders.com).

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