No PO No Pay Policy

Monday, 4th July 2016

Malaysia Airlines enforces a strict "No Purchase Order, No Payment" Policy ("No PO, No Pay" Policy) in order to preserve the integrity of our procurement process, to reduce processing time and to streamline the process for payment of invoices. In line with that, invoices received without a valid PO will not be processed, and will be returned to you unpaid, and will be classified as procurement non-compliance. Therefore, kindly ensure that you have either received a valid PO, or that you have been provided a valid PO number when you accept an order for your products and/or services. The PO number/s must be stated in your invoice/s. 

In the event that that you accept an order for your products and/or services from Malaysia Airlines without a valid PO, or a valid PO number, you will either be denied payment, or receive payment at a later date under our "No PO, No Pay" Policy. Malaysia Airlines will not take responsibility for any resulting delay in such payment.

We would like to ask for your kind cooperation in this matter and that you take the appropriate actions that will ensure compliance to our improved procurement process and procedures. 
Should you have any questions or wish to seek further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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